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IDIS Holds Webinar on Energy Integration for Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery and Sustainable Development in Africa

IDIS was privileged to host its second Webinar themed ‘Energy Integration for Post Covid-19

Economic Recovery and Sustainable Development in Africa’. This event brought together field

practitioners and academic experts such as IDIS Director Amb. Prof. Maria Nzomo, UoN Vice-

Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama who served as the host of the event, UNEP Head of Energy Unit

Dr Maluki Discusses Kenya-Tanzania Diplomatic Relations In NTV Interview

Kenya and Tanzania have enjoyed bilateral relations since independence in 1963 with a brief cut of diplomatic ties in 1977 after the break-up of the East African Community. Despite apparent difference in ideologies, the two states were able to mend their relationship and resume diplomatic interactions in 1983 and this has gone on till present. The shared border and natural resources have ensured that the two states are in constant ‘awareness’ of each other but this has resulted in a few tensions.

A Reflection on Kenya's Candidature for the United Nations Security Council Seat

The Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies held a forum to brainstorm on Kenya's Candidature for the UNSC Non-Permanent seat 2021-2022 on 24th January, 2020. Kenya’s candidature has been endorsed by the African Union but the insistency and consistency of Djibouti to vie for the same seat raises the fundamental question relating to the capacity of Africa to develop and support a common strategy for advancing the continent’s interests in global affairs. It further raises the question of the emerging debates on the issue of nationalism vs.

IDIS Holds Orientation for Defense Staff Students

Prof. Amb. Maria Nzomo Addressing New Students from Defense

On 16 July 2019, the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies held an orientation session for new students from the Ministry of Defense who were joining to study various diplomacy courses.

Speaking during the event, director IDIS, Prof. Maria Nzomo congratulated the students on their admission to the University of Nairobi. The director at the same time called upon the new students to take advantage of the resources available to attain maximum value from the training.

Dr. Mold Pitches for Continental Free Trade Agreement

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement offers hope of a revival of both regional and intra-African trade to boost trade and development in Eastern Africa.
This was the overarching message during Dr Andrew Mold’s IDS seminar presentation on the potential impact of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in Eastern Africa region and the next steps concerning implementing the agreement.

UoN Students Tour to United Nations

The University of Nairobi Students from the Department of Literature, Soka University Students on exchange programme toured the United Nation lead by the Chair Dept of Literature Dr. Masumi Odari. The guided tour offers an exciting opportunity for students to discover UN Headquarters, the tour guide took students on a brief journey through the corridors of international diplomacy to learn about the history and work of the United Nations, they visited the famous General Assembly Hall and Security Council Chambers.