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The principal of pacta sunt servanda means contracts and their clauses are laws which bring binding force between parties. Every party to a contract must keep his promise and fulfil his obligation. Under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties every state has a duty to abide by its treaty obligations hence under the pacta sunt servanda rule: every treaty in force is binding upon the parties to it and must be performed by the parties in good faith.

A Multi-national company is a company that has its headquarter in one country but has assembly or production activities in other countries. Multi nationals have been accepted worlwide due to their ability to create jobs which boost local economy, bring expertise in the skill of workforce and enjoys economies of scale.


The analysis of the relationship between the refugee influx in Kenya and insecurity from 1991 – 2016, brings out a different perception. The study in seeking to investigate the effects of refugee influx on security in Kenya, the contribution of refugees to proliferation of small arms in Kenya and to critically analyze the role of the Government of Kenya in handling refugee issues vs. security concerns separates refugee issues from security issues. The analysis of human security concept, translates to respect of human rights while handling refugees issues.

Attention for organized crime and emerging security challenges has been rising in the past decade. The overall goal of this thesis was to analyze the organized crime and emerging security challenges to the modern state.

This explores counterterrorism approaches in the Horn of Africa using Kenya as case study. The study investigates the performance of existing counterterrorism strategies and proposes a more comprehensive approach that includes all stakeholders, in the Horn of Africa and Kenya.

This proposal assesses the situation of gender and governance in Kenya, South Africa, and, Zimbabwe and suggests the policy recommendations that are needed to enhance participation in future.  The problem  statement  of the  research  is  that  while there  is  a  rise  in  the political commitment regarding this matter, and also an increase in the number of constitutional and legal reforms aiming at attaining gender equality, significant gender gaps still exist in all domains of life across the globe and especially.

The role of the media in Preparation of Climate Change in Kenya

Climate change has affected all the aspects of human life and has been declared a universal phenomenon and its diverse consequences can impact on loss of biodiversity and affecting on fundamental human rights especially those groups that already are politically and economically in a sorry state (Dirk Niebel a tourist at dadaab refugee camp).

This purpose of this research project is to examine the role of media in conflict management. The goal is to interrogate and subsequently compare the role played by media specifically in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 where close to a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by their fellow countrymen and the post election violence in Kenya in 2007/2008 following a disputed presidential election that led to the killing of a thousand people and displacement of more than 200,000 others.


The differences between a natural resource becoming a potential blessing or curse to a resource- rich country all boils down to the management of such specific resource. This study critically analysed why Norway has a better performance in the management of oil resource than Nigeria, with aim of drawing some practical lessons for Kenya as a petroleum emerging host country. The basic  assumption  that  guided  this  study was  that  Norway has  a  better  performance  in  the management of oil resource than Nigeria.

Peace initiatives within states have evolved to counter the ever increasing intra and inter-state


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