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Conflict is defined as disagreement between two or more parties. It manifests itself as either structural or violent. According to Johan Galtung, he clearly states that structural conflict emanates from conditions in which structures of society deny people the full realization of their potential. Further highlighting, if structural conflict is not controlled it leads to overt violence, in which the highest apex of violence is war.


East Africa Legislative Assembly is the legislative arm of the EAC. It’s mandated to exercise legislative powers on behave of the community and therefore has a major role to play in the achievement of the goal of integrating the East African region. Despite the fact that regional integration brings about both the internal and external growth, it is also faced with a lot of challenges that slow down its pace. Although some African leaders do support the process of regional integration, it still lugs behind as compared to some regional integrations around the world.

The world produces much more food than is required to provide everyone with an adequate diet, yet 800 million people, almost one person in seven do not have enough to eat. Approximately

Human trafficking is a transnational organised crime which violates the human rights of the victims and constitutes a threat to the security along the northern corridor and the destination countries of the victims. It is a complex phenomenon which can be assessed by analysing how social policies, neighbour policies, or economic development policies influence human trafficking.

Foreign aid and national development. Case study Kenya

A Vigorous debate has raged for some time now over the effectiveness of foreign aid. It is often criticized for not having contributed to economic growth and poverty reduction. Prominent critics of foreign aid such as William Easterly, Dambisa Moyo, and Farah Abuzeid recite many of their findings about aid ineffectiveness. 1 Not only that but also historical evidence has proven aid ineffectiveness on the basis of that it is never purely philanthropic for example in the case of sub-Saharan Africa, which remains to be one of the poorest regions yet receives the most amount of aid.

Oil exploitation is preceded by exploration and Discovery. Exploration is the action of searching an area for natural resources, notably oil. Oil exploration refers to the activities directed towards searching for deposits of Oil that includes: prospecting, seismic and drilling processes that take place before the development of a field is finally decided1.If successful exploration leads to discovery; at discovery exploitation is hatched.

This research project examines on the role the ICC has played and is still playing in the international system in an attempt to unify the globe and enhance good governance. It highlights the crimes that the Court has had trials through which it has helped bring justice to the victims. It also focuses on what the Court could do for the international community if given the power to exercise and enforce international law with the help of the international community.

East Africa is frequently alluded to as a hot bed of radicalization as a result of the nearness of delicate states like Somalia and Sudan. From the season of the twin assaults against the embassy of America in Dar es Salaam & Nairobi by al-Qaeda in 1998 the 3 nations have kept on confronting significant fear monger assaults and dangers. In July

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