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Human rights principles inform the content of good governance efforts: they may inform the development of legislative frameworks, policies, programs, budgetary allocations and other measures. However, without good governance, human rights cannot be respected and protected in a sustainable manner. The general objective of the study was to analyze democracy and good governance as a principle of human rights in Kenya.


Food insecurity has been a great challenge in the world in general. Its causes have been known and regional organizations have established measures to ensure this problem has been stopped.

This research aims at evaluating the role of public diplomacy in enhancing Regional Integration in the East African Community. The interest for this research is driven by the realization of the strategic role that public diplomacy play in enhancing the development of multinational and supranational governmental organizations. Primarily, this research aims at justifying why the role Public Diplomacy, cannot be undervalued during regional integration

The Millenium Development Goal on ensuring that universal education has been achieved by

2015 was not met and then came Sustainable Development Goal 4 which recognizes that this gap must be closed. The world would be a better place if all children had a fair chance at education. The key to development and the foundation of our future is quality education for all.


Many scholars argue that the media plays a significant role in reporting conflict. The nature of that role – as a perpetuator of conflict or agent for peace – largely depends on the framing and agenda setting of the media. Media can also play a crucial role in informing public about conflicts, analyzing it and helping to resolve them. Kenya has had a fair share of conflicts and some are still being experienced today. The 2007/8 post-election violence was however the most devastating in terms of deaths, displacement and destruction of property.

In the current world we are living in barring in mind the current state of things in the globe, we out that international relations is inevitable with the advent of globalization came about very many things that shaped the life of man and the existence and survival of a state as a unit in the globe. With the fast flow of information and the easy access of any place in the globe international relations has became prevalent, everyday states are interacting as a result of the concept of interdependence that has been brought about by globalization.

This  research  study  delves   into  the  reason  behind  and  the  ways through  which    urban refugees  are  linked  to   International  security issues  and  the  new  emerging  issues  with  the focus  of  study  being  Nairobi  Kenya  due  to the  notable  increase  of  refugees  living  in  the  urban  setting  as the  main  aim of  the  rese

Preventive diplomacy has gained traction in the last few years as a result of its proactive nature of prevention of conflict, conflict management as well as post conflict peacebuilding. This study therefore assessed the application of preventive diplomacy in conflict resolution among the Maasai community in Kenya. The study provided an overview of conflict as well as preventive diplomacy. The theoretical framework used in this study was Johan Galtung’s theory of conflict.

This study aims to determine the challenges of mainstreaming gender in the prevention of violent extremism in the North Eastern Kenya. The inclusion of women and girls and gender mainstreaming are often overlooked in efforts to counter violent extremism, despite being of core importance to  many and  to  the human rights  issues  at  stake in preventing violent extremism.

The main objective of this study was to examine the impact of illicit arms on security: case study of cattle rustling in Northern Kenya.

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