Mr. Isaac Ombara, Dr. Patrick Maluki and Prof. Maria Nzomo co-wrote an article titled “CROSS BORDER NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN KENYA: HOW ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF ACTORS INFLUENCE SUSTAINABLE PEACE IN EASTERN AFRICA REGION”, in the European Journal of Conflict Management. The purpose of the study was to examine the role and responsibilities of actors in cross border natural resource management in Kenya towards sustainable peace in Eastern Africa. The study ascertained that although the role and responsibilities of different actors were indispensable; lack of coherent region-wide strategy to direct national specific plans, lack of synergy and improper coordination and disharmony in strategies and actions posed a major challenge to resource management, peace and development of the region. Therefore, resource actors should be empowered appropriately to effectively play their roles and also appreciate the symbiotic link between natural resource management and the attainment of sustainable peace.

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