The University of Nairobi held its 65th Graduation Ceremony this past Friday 24th September 2021. The event proceedings were conducted virtually through a live broadcast on the University’s YouTube channel and various departmental websites including the Department of Diplomacy and International Studies webpage. Of the 4,205 students awarded graduation certificates, the Department managed to confer the “power to read” to 47 students; 51% males and 49% females.

In attendance at the ceremony was the University Chancellor, Dr Vijoo Rattansi OGW, who encouraged the graduates to use the opportunity to “start afresh and embark on new beginnings” and “refuse to be prisoners of history and deliberately prepare for the journey ahead [and] to take the first step in faith”. This was echoed by the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Education, Ms Mumina Gallo Bonaya who further deputized the students as the “future” of the country, who were expected to “contribute to national development and nation-building”.

In a bid to achieve this, the Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Stephen Kiama, vowed to continue implementing the measures that promote cohesion and values, creating an environment that promotes diversity and growth without discrimination.

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