Dr. Kizito Sabala

Dr. Kizito Sabala holds a PhD in Diplomacy and International Studies, MA in Diplomacy and International Studies, MA in Peace and Security Studies and BA in Economic and Sociology. He has over 18 experience working both as a consultant and researcher on issues of peace and security in Africa but specifically in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa. He has served as the Head of the IGAD Liaison Office in Juba, South Sudan.  Before joining IGAD, Dr Sabala served as a Research and Programme Officer at the Africa Peace Forum (APFO),a regional organization specializing on matters diplomacy, peace and security. Currently, Dr Sabala teaches at DDIS and serves as a consultant to various regional and international organizations, government agencies.  Dr Sabala who is a member of the American Political Science Association, African Peace Network (APN) and the International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) among others, has published articles and book chapters in his area of specialization of international conflict management, security, international mediation and negotiation and Pan-Africanism

Recent publications

2021 - Kenya’s diplomacy and international relations within the IGAD region on matters of peace and security Growth, development, and prospects

2021 - Kenya v. Somalia Maritime Dispute: ICJ Judgement and Implications for Kenya-Somalia Relations

2019 - Retracing Pan-Africanism: African Continental Unity, Dignity and Development in Re-Emerging Pan-Africanism: Implications for Foreign and Security Policy in Africa

2019 - Elites, Academics and the Diaspora : Exploring the Missing Link for African Unity