DDIS Staff and Students Participation at the Horn of Africa Expo on Pastoralists in Ethiopia on 26th-29th January 2024.

From left to right : Leanne Nyawira Kamau, Rabecca Kavithe Ndeto, Dr. Shazia Chaundry and Japheth Musau Kasimbu.

The University of Nairobi, Department of Diplomacy and International Studies is proud of its dedication to promoting student participation in both classroom and real-world awareness of world affairs. Our department's staff, Dr. Shazia Chaundry and three postgraduate students namely; Japheth Musau Kasimbu, Leanne Nyawira Kamau and Rabecca Kavithe Ndeto recently participated in the Horn of Africa Expo on Pastoralists, which took place in Ethiopia.

Their participation, observations, and thoughts on the occasion played a key role in improving livestock keeping within the IGAD region. The participation encompassed a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions, and cultural exchanges. The delegation from the department presented different papers focusing on pastoral mobility, governance, and conflict and climate change nexus: promoting pastoral resilience, resource-related, conflict mitigation, food security and ecological balance amidst climate change.

The expo had enriching engagements that contributed towards rich cultural exchange, regional collaboration and policy implications. In conclusion, the participation in the Horn of Africa Expo on Pastoralists in Ethiopia was educational and instructive, highlighting the significance of scholarly involvement, intercultural communication, and cooperative efforts in tackling urgent global concerns.