from left front: Prof. Nyokabi Kamau, Mr. Mohammed Ali (MBS), Hon. Samuel Kiprono Chepkonge, Hon. Adan Keynan CBS, Hon. Justine Muturi, Prof. Stephen Kiama, Prof. Maria Nzomo, Hon. Rachel Ameso, Sen. Aaron Cheruiyot. From Left Back: Mr. Michael Sialai CBS, Mr. Clement Nyandiere MBS

The University of Nairobi recently renewed its memorandum of understanding with the Parliament of Kenya extending its life span for another 5 years, up to 2026. On behalf of the university, IDIS is expected to collaborate with the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training (CPST), which stands on behalf of the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), on mutual areas of teaching, training, and research by providing the necessary facilities and assistance. The objective of the MoU is to build cooperation between the two institutions, through the provision of the avenues through which the PSC will collaborate with IDIS on areas of research and publications and provision of academic degrees and diplomas to MPs, Staff of the PSC, and other legislatures.

To realize, the agreed-upon objective, the MoU provides for the following activities to be undertaken jointly: -

  1. Appointment of IDIS as the preferred partner in the delivery of specific academic programs, research initiatives, and publication projects in relevant areas as will be agreed upon by the parties;
  2. Support the development of PSC-CPST to a leading regional training hub for legislative studies;
  3. Undertake joint promotional and public relations activities, where relevant, to increase community interest in the collaboration.

The Director of IDIS, Prof. Maria Nzomo, outlines the way forward through the:

  1. Mounting of relevant Diploma and Degree programs Degree for MPs and Parliamentary Staff by January 2022;
  2. Offering more short courses for MPs that are as practical as possible for a maximum duration of two weeks;
  3. Drafting the rollout calendar based on the needs of various committees and the proposed IDIS short courses through a targeted collaboration between the Directors of the Committees and the Committee on the Implementation of the MoU
  4. Continuously creating awareness of the IDIS programs to the Houses by the Directors of Parliamentary House Committees
  5. Continuously undertake joint research on topical legislative & key international issues

The Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. J. B Muturi welcomed the renewal of the MoU noting the importance of trained leaders and lawmakers in a country by remarking that informed leaders would be better equipped to address the challenges not only domestically but also internationally. As expressed by the Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof. Kiama, the collaboration will ensure that the CPST achieves its vision of becoming a leading regional hub in areas of legislative studies and diplomacy, alluding to the benefits and achievements previously gained through the partnership.