Meeting Brief
From back left: Dr. Peterlinus Odote of DDIS, Assistant Professor Singumbe Muyeba, Ms. Claudia Churchill, Ms. Rozalia Schleinig, Ms. Lindsey Mandolini, and Dr. Patrick Maluki of DDIS
From front left: Ms. Allyson "Aela" Nash, DDIS Chair Prof. Maria Nzomo, Ms. Cayla Anderson, and Assistant Professor Abigail Kabandula.


The Department welcomed 5 foreign exchange students and 2 assistant Professors from the Josef Korbel Institute, University of Denver. The Chair of the Department, Prof. Maria Nzomo’s welcoming remarks reflected the Department’s privilege and honour in hosting its first exchange partnership with the University of Denver.

The 3-week initiative aims to involve the students in the daily academic life of their mentors, Prof. Nzomo, Dr. Maluki, and Dr. Odote, by attending their classes, assisting in research, and other interactive engagements. The exercise embraces the foundational commonalities between the two institutions and promotes an immersive research exercise from an African perspective.

Prof. Nzomo reiterated the department's effort to reduce the bias in academia and abolish the ‘white saviour’ mentality of researching African issues through Western lenses. The mentorship affair will allow the students to gain a hands-on local experience.