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Collaborations in Diplomacy and International Studies | Institute Of Diplomacy and International Studies


Prof. Nzomo Addresses High Commissioners of the Commonwealth

Collaborations in Diplomacy and International Studies

Defence Staff College

Our students who are based at the Defence Staff College (DSC) are drawn from several African countries. They are enrolled in either of the two courses: Diploma in Strategic Studies or Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies. In the current academic year (2012/2013) we have a total of 42 students at the DSC

Link: http://www.mod.go.ke/

Diplomatic Community In Nairobi

The diplomatic community in Nairobi participates in the Institute's programmes either as guest lecturers, seminar resource persons/participants or advisers in practical aspects of diplomacy such as diplomatic negotiations. Some of the diplomats are registered students of IDIS.

Link: View Details

Eu Mission In Nairobi

The Institute maintains close ties with the European Union (EU) Mission in Nairobi. On 08/03/2012, a symposium was held at Education Building Room 213 and among the participants was the head of the EU Mission in Nairobi, Ms. Marjaana Sall. Others were senior diplomats from the  EU Mission, French and German embassies as well representatives of top German universities.

Link: http://www.delken.ec.europa.eu/

Goethe University

The Department of Human Geography, Faculty of Geosciences and Geography, Geothe University at Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies on 02/01/2013. Under this MoU, the two institutions will enter into a co-operative agreement relating to research, exchange of students and faculty, and related educational, culltural and scientific matters. This agreement will be in effect for three (3) years from the date of signing and it may be renewed upon maturity.


Article 1 of the MoU states that "Each party will appoint one (1) representative to plan and co-ordinate joint staff, administration, research, student, and cultural project activities. These representatives will also be designated to communicate with the other institution in relation to this agreement and matters relating to it." This MoU will no doubt be of mutual benefit to the two institutions.

Link: http://www.uni.frankfurt.de/

International Committee Of The Red Cross

The Institute has collaborative links with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that is manifested through Moot Court competitions and essay writings by our students as well as training of our lecturers in International Human Rights Law. The Moot Courts and essay competitions are held once in a year.

Mr. Patrick Maluki, a lecturer, is the link person between IDIS and the ICRC

Link: www.icrc.org

Ministry Of East African Community

The Ministry of East African Community is one of our close partners. Over the years, the ministry has been sponsoring some of its members of staff for postgraduate studies at IDIS.

Link: http://www.meac.go.ke/

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs


 We have members of staff at this ministry who have enrolled for various programmes in IDIS. Our students also go for attachment at the said ministry during the long vocation.


Senior staff at the ministry are usually invited to present their papers whenever we have workshops and seminars.

Link: http://www.mfa.go.ke/

National Defence College


 IDIS maintains close ties with the National Defence College (NDC) following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions in 2002. Through this collaboration IDIS staff teach Diploma in International Studies and Master of Arts in International Studies to students who are based at NDC. A new MoU will be signed in due course to replace the one that is currently in existence.

Link: National Defence College

National Security Intelligence Service

The Institute enjoys a cordial relationship with the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS). In May this year, staff from IDIS were invited to go and train NSIS in various areas related to their line of duty.

Link: www.nsis.go.ke

Other External Collaborators

Link: Ping My URL

State Corporations Advisory Committee

Mr. Gerrishon Ikiara, the Associate Director, IDIS, is a member of the State Corporations Advisory Committee (SCAC), a body that advises the government on all matters to do with parastatals. Mr. Ikiara was first appointed to the committee in February 2010 and then re-appointed in February 2013 for a further three year term.

Link: www.scac.go.ke

Strathmore University

The Institute has ties with Strathmore University through Dr. Robert Mudida who is one of our External Examiners.

Link: www.strathmore.edu

United States International University

The Institute collaborates with the United States International University (USIU) in terms of external moderation of examinations. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that high standards are maintained as far as setting and marking of exams is concerned.

Link: http://www.usiu.ac.ke/

University Of Mumbai


IDIS maintains close links with the Univesity of Mumbai in India through Prof. Biswas Aparajita, the Director of the Center for African Studies at the said university.  Other than being our external examiner, Prof. Aparajita has collaborated with IDIS in terms of participation in seminars and workshops.

Link: http://www.mu.ac.in

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