February 28, 5:00 pm

Capital Club ( East Africa) Nairobi



Capital Club ( East Africa) Nairobi

         Black History Month has traditionally been celebrated in February and is an important time to honor and commemorate the historical and contemporary accomplishments of African Americans. This month gives us the opportunity to recognize these achievements, while reflecting on the challenges which have been overcome and still remain. At the same time, we want to acknowledge the accomplishments of the contemporary African diaspora, including Kenyans, based in the United States and those who have returned to Africa. By appreciating these efforts, we can better understand our own history and the influence the broad-based Diaspora have had on African societies.
         The United States is comprised of nearly 48 million African Diaspora, with direct kinship ties to the African continent. The group has a nominal purchasing power of over $2 trillion and has gained prominence professionally and contribute economically both to the U.S. and African economies, particularly through remittances in billions of U.S. dollars. Beyond economic standing, the Diaspora continue to make important cultural, social and religious contributions to the world.
          On February 28, we invite you to join the Africa Center for the Study of the US at the University of Nairobi, for a time of reflection and celebration of Black History Month. In addition to the ceremonial activities, we want to usher in a new era of collaborative engagement with Black Americans and the Diaspora with the Center by hosting a networking reception to recognize the Black American community in Kenya and Kenyans who have returned from the US. We will also announce initial plans for educational, social and economic
partnership that will build a legacy of trust, cooperation and shared prosperity among these communities.
          This event, hosted by the Africa Center for the Study of the US of the University of Nairobi and Venture Lift Africa, will, therefore, be a significant platform for establishing a foundation for economic diplomacy between Africa and the US through the examination of the history of the US through the experience of the African Diaspora.



Music Interlude
Photo Journalism Presentation

Program 6-8pm EAT

ACSUS, VLA, Still We Rise Leadership – Dr. Patrick Maluki, Dr. Wilmot Allen, Ms. Robyn Emerson [10 mins]

Opening Remarks: [20 mins]
-Prof. Jack Odhiambo, Dean, FASS University of Nairobi
-Mr. Brian Ouma, COO, University of Nairobi
-Prof. Stephen Kiama, Vice Chancellor, University of Nairobi
-US Embassy Official (TBD)
-Hon. Roseline Njogu, Principal Secretary, Diaspora Affairs, Government of Kenya

Cultural and Historical Exploration and Appreciation: [25 mins]
-Prof. Maria Nzomo- Department of Diplomacy and International Studies
-Dr Ken Ombongi, Chair, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Nairobi -Dr. Makau Kitata, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi
-Dr. Kimingichi Wambende, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi

Diaspora and Kenyan Business Leaders Panel: [30 mins] - Ms. Patricia Ithau, WPP Scangroup LLC
- Mr. Faye Briggs, Lunna
- Ms. Rebecca Mincy, Acumen

-Mr. Humphrey Wattanga, AfCorp Investments -Mr. Charles Murito, Google
-Mr. Joel Onditi, CEO, Pathways Technologies -Ms. Navalayo Osembo, Enda Athletic Inc (virtual)

New Partnerships Panel: [30 mins -virtual]

-Dr. Ezra Aharone, Center for Global Africa Convener, Delaware State University
-Dr. Yaw Adoo, Morris Brown College
-Dr. D. Zizwe Poe, Lincoln University
-Dr. Richard Allen Williams, Minority Health Institute, Founder Association of Black Cardiologist -Dr. Lejeune Lockett, Charles Drew University, HBCU Global Health Consortium Africa

Closing Remarks (invited): [5 mins]
- Dr. Miriam Musonye, Chair, Dept of Literature, University of Nairobi

Music Interlude and Refreshments.