Senior Lecturer

Dr. Anita Kiamba

Anita Kiamba is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies at the University of Nairobi. She holds a PhD in International Studies from the University of Nairobi. Dr. Anita Kiamba joined the Institute in 2002. In addition to teaching and supervising students at all levels in the Institute; Dr. Kiamba is a resource person at the National Defence College (K) and the Defence Staff College (K) where she teaches among others Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations of Asia-Pacific. Dr. Kiamba is also a resource person and facilitator in regional National Defence, including Command and Staff colleges of excellence. She is widely published in security studies and international negotiation. Dr. Kiamba has also been engaged through the Foreign Service Academy in the facilitation of training the diplomatic corp from the East and Horn of Africa regions. She has also facilitated the training of officers in the National Intelligence Service.  In 2011 Dr. Kiamba was a Research Fellow at the Johann Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.  Dr. Kiamba has served as Chair and Coordinator of substantive academic and administrative activities. She is currently the Institute’s Chair of the Postgraduate Committee.  Her current research interests include among others, Kenya’s Foreign Policy, the executive management of foreign and security strategy formulation and negotiation in conflict management.