Refugees and Regional Security in the Horn of Africa

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This research aims to investigate the impact that refugees have on security in the Horn of Africa. Chapter 1 will introduce the topic covering the countries embedded in the region and  factors  contributing  to  the refugee  crisis.  Consequently,  the  research  paper  will integrate Buzan’s concept of Regional Security to facilitate analysis, interpretation and understanding of the refugee crisis facing the region. Presently, the world is facing an influx of involuntary migration with the Syrian conflict taking lead in most of the global news coverage. The overall objective of the report is to offer an appraisal of the implications associated with refugees in the HoA. Therefore, the study will examine socio-cultural, ecological, economic and political impacts of involuntary immigrants. The paper asserts that regional security refers to a relational complex where state-to-state relations determine the existence and welfare of refugees. It is imperative for individuals and regimes to understand the factors and problems facing refugees in order to enable the derivation of effective long-term solutions. Bottom up understanding of the plight of refugees from the individual level will facilitate peaceful co-existence, assimilation and acceptance of refugees.

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