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This study is undertaken to evaluate the socio-economic and political impacts of refugees on developing states with a case study of refugees in Kenya. The work set out three objectives, with the main objective being on the socio-economic and political impact of refugees  on  Kenya with  a critical  analysis  on  the same.  It  also  seeks  to  assess the theoretical  debates  on  the  socio-economic  and  political  impacts  of  refugees,  an assessment on why refugees flee to Kenya as well as the consequences it has politically, economically and socially. Lastly to understand the extent to which the retention of refugees in Kenya has jeopardized the country‟s national interest. Most of the existing relevant literature has been reviewed as well as raw data in form of observation by the researcher as a method of collecting data. As such the researcher opted to use the descriptive method as a research design because of the resources available as it offered in-depth information. Refugees are people who have been granted residency on a state. Based on the case study, the refugees on Kenyan soil have great impact both socially, economically and politically. For Instance in the social setup, the rampant flow in of refugees have caused congestion in the country and particularly in the areas they supposedly settle. This has however attributed to crimes like robbery as the resources available are scarce to cater for the high population and the fact among the refugees are illegal  immigrants  in  the  guise  of  refugees,  which  has  resulted  to  the  high  rise  of terrorism. Politically, not much has been done concerning the impact of refugees in Kenya, which is a gap created for the upcoming scholars. However social scientists and economic growth conservatries have been reluctant to admit this logic possibility, that plenty of refugees and their descendants can threaten the political balance of a state. This study is based on realism theory, which is a political ideology or world view founded on the ideas of national interest and sovereignty, as such the study sought to examine on the imbalance within the conceptualization of the national interest for instance and humanitarian obligations to refugees and asylum seekers. Also the security of a state is a key consideration with realist thinkers, which includes the maintenance of some degree of control over a nation‟s territorial borders .Based on the findings, the study made cogent recommendations to the academic fraternity and to the general public.

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