Impact of Corruption and Bad Governance to Kenya’s National Security

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The research  focused  on  corruption,  Governance  and  National  Security  and  how  both concepts affect the latter. Available literature showed how these concepts were interrelated, and how they influenced each other. To address this, the research aimed at examining three broad areas namely, examining the impact of corruption on Kenya’s  national security, examining the extent bad governance attributes to corruption in the country and how institutionalization of corruption has impacted national security. The research was guided by Public Choice Theory, which delved into matters of corruption and institutions. The study design  mostly applied the usage of questionnaires.  The questionnaires  used both open ended and closed ended questions. The use of questionnaires informed the primary data collection. Secondary data was collected through the usage of thematic reviews of literature on corruption, governance and National Security.


Corruption undeniably has become part and parcel of the Kenyan society, with it acquiring a systemic nature. Institutions on the other hand, namely the police institution and the political institutions have not been left far behind. This has led to a dent in the National Security of the country, through providing favourable grounds for criminal activities to thrive.  Corruption  and  bad  governance,  has  greatly  impacted  the  country’s  national security,  with citizens  feeling insecure  in their  own  state. The  country needs  efficient accountability mechanisms and full implementation of the constitution.

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