The Interplay between Refugee Rights, National Security and the Question of Civil Society Participation: A Case of Somali Refugees in Kenya (2002-2015)

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The main objective of this study is to critically analyse the interplay between Refugee Rights, National Security and the Question of Civil Society Participation using the Case study of Somali Refugees in Kenya between the years 2002 and 2015. Looking at the historical perspective and current  situation  while  examining  the  role  of  the  Civil  Society  and  the  National  Security Operators in Kenya in relation to the Somali Refugee Question. This study found out that there is a big gap between the imagined and ideal situation, of the Somali Refugees, by all actors involved directly and indirectly, and the reality on the ground at the camps where there are grave human rights abuses in the name of prioritized national security over human rights. This study concludes that National security has shifted from the focus of only external military aggression but to a more broader concept with the referent object shifting to become the individual or rather the citizen residing within the state hence the need to respect Refugees. In this regard other actors also come into play to advance and monitor through advocacy programs geared towards respect of human rights and ensuring accountability which plays a great role in further enhancing the realization of human rights in the entire international system. This study recommends the need to build capacity to enhance the capability of the individual state security organs, have and develop clear policies and ensure their implementation and finally reduce fears and support the civil society

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