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Regime breakdown and the spread of religious fundamentalism: Middle East Experience, (2011-2016)

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Regime breakdown and spread of religious is not an issue that has developed all through the years but its worst and best can looked closely from 2011 to 2016. The results of needing a regime change in states like Syria has proven not only disastrous but also futile. There are factors that fuel these regimes to escalate to the level it is. These factors are political and economic factors; whether they are positive or negative to the region itself. Spread of religious fundamentalism mainly Islamic religion has indeed brought dire negative impact to both the Middle East region and the international system. Islamic fundamentalism is one of the internal issues that has eaten our social roots. This aspect has not only affected the non-Muslim communities (Christians, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists) but also has affected the Muslim community and religion too. Fundamentalism is an extreme term that most of the time is connected to radicalism. The research project will explain and assess how regime breakdown has also been a catalyst to the development of religious fundamentalism. The main objective is to comprehend regime breakdown and spread of religious fundamentalism and try to find ways and factor that brings it into existence. The research study aims both states, region and international level to enable the comprehension on regime breakdown and Islamic religious fundamentalism. Theories such as liberalism and social movement will be used to bring the scholarly force needed. As for methodology, the research study will be through secondary data like journals, books and newspapers.

The findings from the data collection will enable aspects of regime breakdown to regime change can be achieved and spread of religious fundamentalism seen as positive or negative influence to the Middle east region and international system as a whole. The recommendation and conclusion will focus on ways to deal with Islamic fundamentalism outcomes like terrorism and how the international system can be a vital aspect in achieving positive outcomes in such a region doomed by regime breakdowns and religious fundamentalism.

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